A Life-Saving Rhodesian Ridgeback Story

To Our Visitors at Blackwind Nightstalker Ridgebacks,

The story below is from one of our customers. The facts here are only one of many as to the "extra value" of a Ridgeback. This is the primary reason I am involved with Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Jerry Kirk

May 2011

Our Ridgeback Story:

Hey... we are the Montgomery family from Tennessee and this is our Ridgeback story...

First of all, we are soon to be the proud owners of "Mr. Two Spots." We cannot wait as we laid our beloved Ridgeback, Pike, to rest last April 2010 after a long, wonderful life of twelve years.

Our son, Chandler, is 11 and his little sister, Evan, is 9. They have no idea about their puppy and will be thrilled as they go to bed each night praying for another Ridgeback puppy. We first chose the Ridgeback because we wanted something unique. My husband and I independently researched and couldn't believe we had both decided on the same breed! As we continued our research and discovered how wonderfully protective they were, we knew this was our dog! We certainly couldn't be choosing a better breed.

So, on to our story... you see when our son was two years old, my parents bought a cabin in beautiful Heber Springs, Arkansas on top of a mountain called "Diamond Bluff." We were very cautious with a small child as the house sat on the tip top of the mountain. As you walked down the bluff, it was less than a hundred yards to the edge of the cliff. We often spent long weekends and holidays at the lake house.

This particular day was a cold, crisp day in November and we were busy celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. It was so quiet, in fact, you could barely hear the leaves rustling in the wind. My son was in the garage with Grandpa walking around and Pike was close at his side. I ran in the house to grab a Kleenex for Chandler's runny nose. When I came out he was gone. I thought, OK, it took 30 seconds so he has to be right here. I wasn't even panicked at this point. I looked, and got my Dad... husband... we looked, then I panicked. I literally came out of my shoes and raced down the mountain. I was calling for both Chandler and Pike. Nothing. I was starting to fear the worst. We called and called for what seemed like forever.

I finally heard some leaves rustling and began walking into the woods and even farther down the mountain towards the cliff. There sat Pike between Chandler and the cliff. Chandler was crying and very still on a very steep slope. Pike wouldn't move from his side. I can't even describe how close they were to the edge.

I have never been so thankful to see them in my life. That was to date the scariest moment of my life. Thanks be to God and our amazing Pike!

Ashlea and Eric Montgomery