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It is sincerely hoped and desired that this visit will be very rewarding to those individuals who have the qualities of intelligence, discipline and responsibility to family and property, and serenity. Not all individuals have such abilities. It is, again, sincerely hoped that you will be one of the few who are qualified to have the best!!

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Jerry F. Kirk: Background, Credibility & Decades of Experience Owning Rhodesian Ridgebacks

This individual has owned, raised, and trained Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1979. However, I was introduced to Ridgebacks circa 1962 through my Aunt and Uncle Kirk by a dog named Buffalo Bill. This dog was160 lbs. (no fat) and performed some amazing feats during his life. This dog intrigued me into the study and awareness of Ridgebacks since my young age of 12.

I learned then and now that the primary reason that an individual should own a dog is to receive something very valuable from such ownership. Some individuals want only a sweet pet which they can love so as to satisfy the individual's need to be loved. This is not my desire.

I learned that a Ridgeback has the innate ability to dedicate it's life to the service of a responsible owner. I learned that this breed of dog is very protective about the 'wife and children'. This was primary for me! At the same time the Ridgeback is functional, intelligent, desires to perform jobs (duties), loyal almost to a fault, will give it's life without remorse for it's owner, and still be the most loving dog that an individual can imagine!

A qualified owner of Rhodesian Ridgebacks wants all they can get out of a dog. They require 'the best of the best'! They understand that 'one must have good and place good into good'! Then they, the responsible owner, will have a valuable and necessary 'tool' for the protection of life, liberty, and property. It is sincerely hoped that you have the same desires that I have incorporated into my life.

The paternal Kirk side of my family arrived in this country just after the Irish potato famine. The only way they could survive was to train dogs and horses, while their women were cooks and housemaids for wealthy people. This is the environment in which my Grandfather Kirk was raised. He said many times in his life, "A man should own at least one great horse and one great dog in his life." I have owned only one great horse in my life. However, I have owned more than one great dog in my life and they were Rhodesian Ridgebacks! I have seen Ridgebacks, which I owned, save lives, at the dog's peril. The lives which were saved were my childrens and absolutely no doubt that my dogs were heavily damaged, but recovered from such incidents. Further, it could easily be argued that my own life was in peril when Blackwind Rhino attacked, routed, and chased for miles a black bear of approximately 450 lbs. I have lived what I am trying to share with you. A Rhodesian Ridgeback can be a blessing for you and your family especially in 'these times'.

As a husband, my wife expressed great appreciation for the feeling of security by having big and totally loving dogs available for our home environs. She and I were thoroughly happy that our Ridgebacks were constantly, at all times, at our children's sides. You would probably accuse me of spinning Irish lore or tales if you actually saw what we saw. Ridgebacks are, to me, a primary method of assist toward both my loved ones and my protection, which of course, includes other animals and items of my possession. Thank you for reading and I hope you understand what I am trying to say to you.

Please understand one more thing about the protection offered by Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Never, in 32 years has any dog ever done a 'quick-bite' (unauthorized bite on a human) at any time. In my history, there has been only two occasions in which I ordered one on a human being. Both were well-deserved by armed intruders as a Nightstalker hit them as a Blackwind of terror. Blessed was I and my family for having the foresight to own quality Ridgebacks. May you too have the blessing of only owning a quality Ridgeback and not have to experience the actual things of negativity; but have the confidence of knowing that 24-hour assistance is in your yard or farm.

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This dog was one of our puppies from 2012 called Northridge at the time. The owner is in California and just sent us pictures. He said he'd love to see his dog on our page, so we are posting it here for individuals to enjoy. Here is what he said about his Rhodesian Ridgeback: Here are some photos we took in July in the Sierra mountain range. He is a great dog with a very kind personality. One picture includes his best friend Sarah.


The following pup is was Mr. Three Spots, now Riley, and moved to Texas with his owner.

Here is what his owner said about him 8 months later: "I'm always looking back on how small he use to be! Such an amazing fun loving dog! Extremly smart too! Couldn't ask for a better friend!"


Once upon a time, two men of evil spied two homes filled with treasure which they desired to steal. One home had an 80 lb. dog in it's yard and the other home had an 130 lb. dog in it's yard. Which home would the men of evil visit if they only had the two choices???

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a product of Africa, which was real tough on the people, animals, farms and dogs of the veld. The other dogs of those times could not survive the rigors of the environment. Thusly, the Africaneers bred a new breed: The Ridgeback. Common were 150 to 160 lb. Males. Common were 130 to 140 lb. Females. The smaller dogs were not bred.

The bigger dogs could do all of the jobs. The big male Ridgeback was the only dog in the world which could win and survive a fight with a grown male baboon, which is an unimaginably ferocious animal, that was plaguing the plantations. One example!

Then came the American profit motive. "If we bred 'down' the size of the Ridgeback we can attract more buyers and be damned the original purpose of the breed to do all of the jobs". As you, the visitor/reader of this material can guess, I am not a fan of this behavior.

In the 80's and 90's, I only offered approximately 50 puppies for sale to qualified buyers. Five litters over twenty years. One litter about every 4 years. Money and profit was not my motive. Compared to how much money I made at my regular job on an hourly basis, though I did not receive 'by-the-hour' compensation, to the amount of hours I placed in selling and raising pups, it was dismal. Generally, it cost me three times more to raise and sell a pup than I charged the buyers. Obviously, I was not a good business man when it came to Ridgebacks.

In those days, a 'premier' pup would sell for 1,000.00 with approximately 40% of the pups being 'premier' potential. Others of 'fine' breedable quality would sell for 500 to 750. Others of 'non-breedable' quality sold for less. I had pups, which had 'no ridge' and were in the 'non-breedable' category, reach weights and size of 140 lbs. for males and 120 lbs. for females. Consistantly, I had 'premier' pups reach weights and size of 150 lbs. Please think about the "LITTLE DOG verses BIG DOG" story when making up your mind. Please compare my offerings today to the offerings of yesteryear and then think about inflation.

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'Grading' is, in realty, a method of determing the 'price' that a seller may demand for a certain dog. The buyer must determine the level of 'grading' necessary for their own environs. Grading is also a method of standardization for the breed and, of course, which 'level', higher or lower, of standardization is paramount.

1) Show Quality: The confirmation levels which will 'win' the most in 'shows' at this date and time. In 'show quality' discussions, rarely is the buyer informed about the 'personality of the dog' necessary to compete. I would guess that only about 1 in 10,000 people have the resources to enter a dog into a show. Therefore, in most cases, 'show quality' is only a method to charge more for a dog. I DO NOT OFFER 'show quality dogs'. I would not care to own a dog with a 'show quality personality'.
2) Premier Quality: This is a 'grading' method which I USE and may have coined the phrase "Premier Quality" with the sole intent of returning the Rhodesian Ridgeback to it's 'full-normal size'. Actually, a dog can ONLY have the POTENTIAL to reach Premier Quality. I can offer a dog with potential. It is up to the owner to feed and exercise the dog to attain the dog's maximum potential. Not all premier quality dogs are used for breeding.
Not all people should be breeders. However, it is nice if the usage of the premier dog includes breeding.
3) Breed Quality: Dogs which are very capable of producing a high percentage of high confirmation puppies. It is my opinion that anyone who claims that 100% of their puppies have perfect confirmation, either has not been around R.R. very much or is not telling the truth. You decide about what you hear!
4) Pet or Companion Quality: These dogs can be AKC but their puppies cannot. A responsible owner will spay or neuter said dogs. I do not require a 'contract' to this effect as this is the responsibility of a 'good' owner. Further, there is no real way to enforce such a contract with respect to time, money, and distances realities.

Over the years, I cannot tell you how many times people called me to thank me and visit with me about how 'great' their Pet/Companion Quality dog has performed. Sometimes, it is hard to get off the phone with these VERY HAPPY PEOPLE!

I try to spend a very good amount of time with individuals with respect to their individual needs and resources when purchasing a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Thank you!

Call Jerry F. Kirk: 417-943-4177

Penny Lane Reynolds


I price a dog with respect to 'what' he or she has the potential to achieve. It is not necessary for everyone to have the achievement which I believe. This is up to the owner. My prices are not necessarily 'firm'; until I have and made a 'deal' with you. I have and will take certain 'trades'. Certain, limited times, I have offered a Pet/Companion Quality dog at a reduced price because due to the circumstances of the new owner. I have been known to refuse to offer a dog of any quality level to a potential owner for sound reasons.

1) Show Quality: I raise a 'working' dog. Thusly, I do not have this virtually 'non-existent (only about 1 in 10,000 go to show) high-priced dog!
2) Premier Quality: 1,300 to 1,500 per dog with potential weights for males 130 to 150 lbs. and females 115 to 125 lbs.
Please note: A ratio of 4 out of 11 puppies is difficult to achieve. Premier to others. Premiers have all the 'assets' of breed quality!
3) Breed Quality: May or may not achieve weights of 'Premier'. 1,150-1,350. Potential weights of males 115 to 130 lbs. and females 100 to 115 lbs. This quality is fine for breeding and their offspring CAN BE AKC registered.
Please note: In the past some people have reported back to me that their dogs, which were received as 'breed quality', achieved weights of 10 to 20 lbs higher than I expected. This can happen with 'high quality' nutrition and exercise, but not always!
4) Pet/Companion Quality: 750 to 950 per dog. These puppies CANNOT be registered AKC. Usually, the only thing which separates these puppies is a lack of 'confirmation' ridge. These puppies can achieve very high working weights. These puppies are not affected by a lack of intelligence, ability, or love for their owner(s) by having a 'short' or 'different' ridge. These dogs can be a real bargain for certain people.

NOTE ON OFFERS: The above quoted offers are based upon your pick-up of your puppy at my location. Shipping and handling charges additionally apply for delivery to your area. I do not use shipping and handling as a profit area.

PLEASE CALL Jerry F. Kirk: 417-943-4177 for a one-on-one discussion, if you like, on any details or additional information you care to receive. I really enjoy informed owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

Jerry F. Kirk, servant to:

Kelli with Mr Tank

This pup, Mr. Tank, flew to Michigan! It is greatly loved.