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Sire to the 2014 litter of puppies for Blackwind-Nightstalker Ridebacks. 'Bear' is a very impressive young dog. He is 31.5 inches in height from the ground to the top of his back at the base of the neck. He weighs 'in' at 137 lbs., when a 'heat' is not going 'on'. His chest has a serious drop and size. He has very good bone weight, with an almost massive skull structure. His muzzle is very wide with impressive depth providing exceptional 'crunching power'. He has zero (0) fat on his body. Athletic abilities - is very fast (2nd fastest which I have owned), great endurance, and able to demonstrate great ability. Personality - excellent - not sure that one could get a better dog.


Nightstalker Carrie is the daughter of Nightstalker Claw and Blackwind Willie. The first litter of 2015, due in May, will be the third litter she has had. Carrie is about 1 inch longer and 3/4 inch taller than her mother Claw. She is a very active and a survivaliast type of dog. She catches birds in the air and is an excellent hunter. Her weight when not prgenant is 120lbs.


Dam to the first 2015 litter of puppies coming in May for Blackwind Nightstalker Ridgebacks. 'Claw' is a good 'momma' dog. She has great color with a height of 26 inches, which is not bad at all for a female Rhodesian. She weighs 'in' at 120 lbs., when she is not pregnant. That is a very good! Her most impressive feature is the width of her shoulders from outside edge to outside edge. She is the widest female I have owned and the 2nd widest which I have seen.....! This feature seems to 'throw' large puppies. Her bone size is good, but not exceptional. Athletic abilities - were very good before having puppies as all 'momma' dogs slow down after having puppies. Such is life. Personality - very intelligent which can be somewhat of a problem with females in their growing-up stages as they (females) seem to get into a lot of things trying to prove how smart they are. This (getting into things) goes away as they become an adult. Claw is the kind of female you should want!






Miss Sweetie, now Thula, went to Vermont this week.
Here is what her new owner has to say about her, pictures included!

"I hope that you will consider using one or more photos of my daughter, who is an autistic child, and Thula, her new Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, because it truly shows the amazing connection between my child and this puppy. Not every dog is like this, Ridgebacks are exceptional animals. Autism is still such a mystery and the fact that Thula reaches my daughter in the deepest area of this giant puzzle is the
biggest gift any special needs child can be given.
Thinking that this puppy was raised without being around a very demanding, hands on child, and an infant every day, and then put in a crate to travel across country for 10 hours, and then handed to this 10 year old who is developmentally more like a 6 year old on steroids, blows my mind!
It really couldn't get any better than this!"

Here are several pictures that she sent us.



These pictures are samples of pups from our last litter.
(right-click on one of these two images and choose 'View Image' to see a bigger version)


These pictures are samples of our previous puppies.

8   8




These are the three parents of all our puppies. Carrie is up front and Claw is behind.

They were all wanting attention! They are such tender giants!


They come registerable, with current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health guarantee, and Pedigree.

Additional information: AKC -- Over three decades of owning, raising and training Rhodesians is working for you, with pride! Ridgebacks are absolutely wonderful family pets and function to secure your life. Last year we had one outstanding litter and this year we have another one -- The only problem was we had mostly females!!

Health guarantee, de-wormed and shots.

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They get cuter as they get older! Enjoy!

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